Field trip to the Aga Khan Final Exhibition

On Tuesday the 11th of March we were invited to the opening of the Final Exhibition by the Aga Khan Primary School! It was awesome! Look at the photographs below and reflect on what you SAW, what you THOUGHT and what you WONDERED about the exhibition. Think about your reflection in relation to the work for your Final Exhibition.



Final Exhibition : We have started!

We had a great day exploring possible ideas for our Grade 5 Exhibition on Tuesday 25th February. Our initial interests are diverse! Some are linked! But what do basketball, endangered animals and Jackie Chan have in common?

Look at the two short clips below and post your thoughts as a comment.




The Final Exhibition.


final x

Next week we will be starting the work towards the Grade 5 Final Exhibition!

It is important that you inquire into something you are passionate about…something which really interests you!

Start thinking now about what you are passionate about and what you might be interested in inquiring into!

Add a thought comment below to highlight some of the things you may be interested in finding out  more about! Remember this is just to get you thinking, it is not the final topic you will be studying!


Our Class is Growing!

               Our Class in February 2014 :  Our class is growing!

We would like to welcome Ye Jin and Amir to 5 McA!

We hope you can find them below!


I don’t think they are running from the elephant!

They are running to class as they are enthusiastic to get started on the Final Exhibition!

Literature Circles

Literature Circles have just started and here are our first ideas about them! We are all excited to be in a group and have different roles! The first meeting to feed back to the group will take place on Tuesday 18th February!

Make sure you are ready to participate!

After the first meeting please post a comment to say how things went! Make sure you explain what you liked and what was a new challenge!

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 3.16.18 PM Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 3.16.36 PM Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 3.16.52 PM Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 3.17.02 PM

Carrying Water versus Water Wheel?

Do you remember walking to the water pump in Mikumi? Do remember pumping the water and carrying the full bucket of water on your head? Do remember the long walk back to Mikumi village school?

IMG_0837 2


Look at the article on the Water Wheel! It is a great innovative idea! Read the article and this may give you some ideas how you could come up with an innovative idea which coud be used in Mikumi village and other villages in Tanzania to help with the long walk for water!


Scientific Innovation.

During the last week of school we planned and created contraption to prevent eggs breaking when dropped from a height and we created balloon car racers!

What innovative fun!

We found out good padding, parachutes and even peanut butter saved the egg from breaking even from the top of a high building!

Try this at home and see what works best!

 IMG_3033 IMG_3034 IMG_3043 IMG_3048

Balloon powered cars were great fun. Some were powered by one balloon and others were powers by three balloons! Try this at home and see what works best!

IMG_3065 IMG_3066

IMG_3070 IMG_3069

On the last day of school we all watched the movie, October Sky, and we are all excited to be taking part in the Great Grade 5 Rocket Launch!

This is something to start planning and thinking about over the holidays. Please check out the details below very carefully! Good Luck to you all and remember what happened to Homer in the film!!

ROCKET BUILDING 2014! rocket


          THE TASK: You will research and build a small rocket that can move unaided by you through the air.  Your rocket may only use natural power (e.g. rubber bands, water, bicycle pump) and not fuel (battery or motor) or have any fire involved. You will research and plan your rocket using the Engineering Design Process.  You will build your rocket at home. The final launch will happen at school Friday 24th January at 7:20am. All Parents are welcome to watch.

YOUR MATERIALS: You may use any materials you wish.   This may include cardboard, paper, plastic, or even lightweight metals. Creativity and using recycled products are highly encouraged.  Buying pre-made rockets or spending lots of money on your rocket building is highly discouraged.

PHOTOGRAPHS: You need to photograph each stage of the rocket building as you will be using the photographs in a piece of procedural writing in January. ( 5 – 7 photographs should be enough)


Over break: Gather ideas and materials, build and test at home, you will not be given class time.

                           Friday 24th Jan: Rocket Launch!!!!!

CRITERIA: 1. You may work in pairs within the class or across the grade, or by yourself – please clear this with your teacher first.

2. Your rocket must be less than 1.5 metres by 1 metre in size.

3. Every individual will submit their completed scientific process planning sheet beforehand in order to participate in the rocket launch.

Awards will be given for:

  • Rocket that launches the farthest
  • Longest in the air
  • Rocket that launches the highest
  •  Best designed rocket
  •  Rocket that uses the most recycled materials
  • Smallest/Largest successful rockets
  • And more!


wallace rocket